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Our business is to minimize your costs while giving your time back to you.

We leave your time to you providing integrated services.

PROSENSE GLOBAL is a group of companies, which operates in the industries of "Private Security", "Facility Management Services", "Construction & Architecture", having cooperated with experienced and branded international firms, focusing on top end combination of technology and service by way of generating innovative solutions, and placing "human" in the center of values through its visionary and experienced staff with the ultimate goal of contributing to the community in which it is involved.

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We Draw our Strength from our Team.

We have a highly motivated and energetic team. Prosense Global cares about and support its team for a sustained success. We know that the quality of the services that we provide you depends on the quality of our teams.

Human! The greatest asset of us.

We say "Human first" and take the human as the focus of our values in all our solutions.   Every Prosense Global employee knows that the reward for an excellent service is to see people happy.  We seek and find solutions that will increase the happiness of our customers.

Technology-based Solutions

The technology that we use in providing our services makes us distinct in the eyes of customers.  Our R&D team strives for finding the better for you.

Group Companies

Prosense Global provide services in the fields of Private Security, Facility Management Services and Construction & Architecture through the employees who are expert in their fields.

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Prosense Özel Güvenlik ve Koruma Hizmetleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

With 30-year experience including experiences at international level, it provides services with innovative and value creating difference.

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Prosense Yönetim ve Tesis Hizmetleri A.Ş.

It carries out business with a view to providing all excellent services needed by your facilities in an integrated manner.

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Prosense Yapı ve Mimarlık Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş.

It operates in the fields of construction, design, stand design and implementation, construction Materials and foreign trade

Distinctive modular wooden stands

Our creative team formed to provide a distinctive service for exhibitors rolled up their sleeves for producing "Modular Wooden Stand"


A revolution in building insulation! Perlite Insulation Plaster

Made from Perlite which is a completely natural and inorganic ore, Perlite Insulation Plaster is totally nonflammable, water repellent yet air-permeable, sound absorbing, non-corrosive, non-perishable not allowing bacterial or microbial growth. It is easy to apply. It can be applied as a plaster manually or using a machine.



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Firm Steps Taken Forwards in Foreign Trade17

Firm Steps Taken Forwards in Foreign Trade

Our country directorate office in Uzbekistan was established on October 14, 2019. It has already started up with activities.

Prosense Global Opens up to the World for its "Perlitic Insulation Plaster15

Prosense Global Opens up to the World for its "Perlitic Insulation Plaster

A hundred percent domestic production, the product is in use in Yugoslavia and Uzbekistan.


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